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Meet Coach Sho

Hey, Queen, heyyyyy!!! It's your favorite Wellness Coach, Coach Sho! Actually, you may not even know yet that I'm your fave, so maybe I should tell you a bit about myself! 

Telling people "who I am" is kinda difficult for me, because I don't like boxes or labels. I am such a creative, therefore I am soooo many things.


First and foremost, I am a daughter of the King of Kings! Can I get a Amen?! Now that we got that out the way... After that, I'm just Sho!


I'm loud, I'm an extroverted introvert (I think that's the right order), I'm a bit clumsy, I'm educated, I'm a bit rachet, I used to wanna be from the hood, I'm married to my college sweetheart, I have 2 adorable sons (5 and 1), I'm a teacher at heart, I'm deep and shallow at the same damn time, I'm not where I thought I would be in life. I'm on a totally different career path than the path my college degree put me on.


I've transformed my body 3 times (before children and then after each of them), I am a wannabe runner, I am a professional Queen encourager, I am a certified fitness instructor. I come from a small town and have big dreams.


I am a recovering perfectionist, I am on a spiritual/mental/physical journey and I'm forcing myself to share my thoughts, feelings, philosophies, things I've learned on this journey before I "arrive". Because you know what? The more I walk this journey, the more I realize that you never really "arrive," so if you wait on that, you'll be waiting forever! 



WTBS, I'm a dreamer who's working on becoming a DOER! 

website 2.jpg

Soooo... Welcome to Sho Knows Wellness where you can expect to read and see a lot about food, fitness, fun, faith, and focus!!! (You like what I did there with the F's?) Lissennnnn... You're one Coach Sho away from completely transforming your mind and body! ;)


Sis, I'm super excited/nervous/scared/excited some more to share myself and my insights with you in hopes of letting my spirit be free, finding more sisterQueens to lift up, and inspiring you to live a healthier life, mentally, physically and spiritually.  



So grateful you're here! 


Yours truly,

Coach Sho

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