Hey Queen, heyyyyy!


Listen... Maybe your schedule doesn't allow for you to join the Lean Queens physically or virtually.


Maybe you're not ready to workout with others (although I would love for you to and I promise you'll love it). Maybe you prefer at-home workout plans.


Whatever the case is, this at-home Lean Queens plan along with proper nutrition will GET YOU RIGHT SIS!


Each program comes with the following... 

  • 3 planned workouts a week

  • 2 unplanned workouts a week (a walk, run, sport, dancing, etc). 

  • Each workout comes with demo videos so you will know exactly how each move is performed, with modifications, as well. 

  • You will also be able to print the workouts if that would be helpful for you! 

  • On top of all of this, you'll have access to the Lean Queens Resource page where you'll find grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, weigh-in charts, and much more! 

Take a look at your options below, Queen, and choose a 4-week plan, 8-week plan, or 12-week plan (def recommend 8 or 12 ;))


I'm excited to help you reach your goals! 

The Lean Queen

At Home Program

Choose your pricing plan

  • LQ Werkout - 4 Weeks

  • Best Value

    LQ Werkout - 8 Weeks

  • LQ Werkout -12 Weeks